Friday, November 20, 2009

Planning The Next Project

Now that we have nearly finished our bedroom - just got curtains and carpet to go - we are thinking of what to do with the bathroom. There's so many dodgy things in it at the moment i don't know where to start. The peach has got to go, especially as there's lovely bright blue wooden panels underneath in part of the room. And the tiles, not sure what's going on there.

The best bit has to be the shower cabin that feels like it should be beaming you up somewhere. Anyway I have seen some nice glossy grey tiles and very pale grey paint and was thinking that would look good with everything else white. Now we just need to find a plumber!

RIP Roland

Traumatic experience a few weeks ago at the house. A rat paid us a visit and ate our remote controls and generally ran all over the house, freaked me out and pooed everywhere. You can just see on the picture how half the buttons on the Sky remote had no numbers or words on them anymore. I got a new one of those for free but Panasonic want £53 for a replacement one of theirs! So we're still using the gnawed one of those. Anyway, Roland the rat (are there any other famous rat names at all?) had his fun brought to a halt because we caught him/her in a trap and that was that. It's all great fun being a householder.